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Rayolight Productions is holding auditions for their latest theatrical project, The Trail to Oregon! a musical parody of the classic video game, The Oregon Trail.  You can see a performance of the original in the below video.

We’re seeking fun local Outer Banks actors and actresses to help bring this production to the stage at Theatre of Dare's Kitty Hawk location this summer with 2 back to back performances, a family friendly version followed by an adults only version, every Thursday during the summer season between Memorial and Labor Day weekends, totaling 30 performances over 15 days.  


In addition to earning $25 per performance ($50 per performance day), all actors and actresses will also earn a share of each shows profits!  Based on seating capacities and possible tickets sales each actor / actress could earn an additional $100 - $300 per performance day.

Does this sound like the perfect summer acting opportunity for you?

We're seeking a total of 6 actors & actresses to take on the following roles...



FATHER, Buffalo dAD

Male, 20’s-30’s (Age flexible)


DAUGHTER, Darla, Girl

Female, 18-25 (Age Flexible)


MOTHER, Buffalo Mom

Female, 20’s-30’s (Age flexible)


GRANDPA, Cleatus

Male, 20’s-40’s (Age Flexible)



Female, 16-25 (Age flexible)


MCDOON, & Many More...

Male, 20’s-30’s (Age Flexible)

So, do you want to audition?

Follow our step by step process to register to audition.

1. First look over the show's production schedule (.pdf) and make sure that you'll be available to participate in all call backs, rehearsals, and performances in person.

production schedule.jpg
submit your resume.jpg

2. No scheduling conflicts?  Awesome!  Now gather your resume, headshots, any video samples of your previous work (YouTube or Vimeo links only) and click on the button to submit your resume by 5pm Friday, January 27, 2023

3. We'll review your registration and if you're selected to move forward in the audition process we'll email you by 5pm Monday, January 30, 2023 to schedule your in-person auditions which will be held the evenings of Friday and Saturday, Feburary 3 and 4, 2023.

check your email.jpg

4. Actors who receive an email to schedule their in-person audition will be expected to come prepared to sing the song associated with the character they’re auditioning for and read the scenes with someone behind the table. Actors will be allotted a maximum of 15 minutes of time to audition. Actors auditioning for only one character are not required to fill an entire 15 minutes and may leave as soon as they’re finished. 

Video auditions submissions will be accepted by those selected to continue in the process.  Video audition submissions should include an opening slate with name, age, height, vocal part and the characters they’re auditioning for, current resume and headshot. They will be required to sing the song associated with their character and read through both of the assigned scenes. 

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