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The Story

The eerie coastal swamps of eastern North Carolina hold their secrets, and ambitious magazine reporter John Miller is determined to uncover them. Not satisfied with his assignment profiling a retired sheriff, Miller takes his story in a different direction, into long-forgotten tales of moonshiners and ghost towns and unexplained deaths.


Ignoring the admonitions of locals, Miller heads out alone to explore the remnants of Buffalo City, once the busiest town in the area but now merely a pile of dilapidated ruins amidst the encroaching swampland. Are the tales of strange apparitions and deadly encounters merely musings from tale-telling old timers, or will Miller uncover something darker, something that may cost him his life?

Lost In Buffalo City is a classic ghost tale, told in a 30-minute featurette that’s appropriate for all audiences (no gore or foul language). Filled with tension and suspense and rooted in local history, the production was filmed entirely on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with a cast and crew of talented locals filming in historic Manteo, on the shores of Killl Devil Hills, and deep in the swamps of inland Dare County.

Discover the history of Buffalo City

A mere half-hour west of the stunning beaches and scenery of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, the once-thriving community of Buffalo City is now a long-forgotten ghost town.


At the turn of the 20th Century, Buffalo City boasted the biggest logging operation in northeastern North Carolina and the largest population in Dare County. With a hotel, post office, schoolhouse, general store and rows of company housing, the thriving timber community bustled with life. But as the area’s lumber resources dwindled, the community suffered. Then came Prohibition, which offered Buffalo City a new, albeit illicit cottage industry: moonshine. Whiskey runners kept the cash flowing and the feds frustrated, but the end of Prohibition was the final nail in the coffin of Buffalo City. By the 1950s, the community was abandoned.

Today, little is left of the town but scattered ruins amongst the brackish water and cypress swamps of the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. But the tales of old-timers and scattered community relics ensure that the memory of the historic village will remain alive in the hearts of the families that once called Buffalo City home.

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Discover the History At These Museum Exhibits

Alligator River National Wildlife Refuges Visitor Center

100 conservation Way,

Manteo, NC 27954

N.C. Aquarium on

Roanoke Island

374 Airport Rd,

Manteo, NC 27954

Buffalo City Exhibit

107 Budleigh Street,

Manteo, NC 27954

The Outer Banks History Center

1 Festival Park,

Manteo, NC 27954

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